Pilates Balance offers a variety of ways to be stronger...


Each session is designed to connect breath, muscle and fascia with precise movements that will transform the body, mind and spirit to natural, joyful flow through daily life.


Single session $110
5 pack $500
10 pack $950

Private sessions provide the opportunity to focus on you: how you move, what holds you back and discovering nuances that will amaze you. Whether you are starting a new fitness routine, cross training your existing routine or recovering from injury, this is the best way to begin making positive changes and feeling stronger and more flexible. These sessions also provide a solid Pilates foundation if group classes are your ultimate goal.



Semi-private for 2 $65 per person
Semi-private for 3 $50 per person

Work out with one or two friends or family members as a less expensive option to private sessions while still receiving plenty of personal attention. The sessions are geared toward the level of the group regardless of whether you are beginner or advanced student. Creating your own group provides an affordable and fun way to get a great workout while learning the Pilates fundamentals.



Single class $35
10 pack $300

Pilates Balance offers small group classes designed for all levels. This class will use the Mat, Reformer, Chair or Tower and incorporate the Pilates principles so everyone leaves feeling length, strength and agility. Pilates experience on equipment is required. Space is limited.



Schedule and bookings
for this offering are made
directly with Pedal Den.

The PEDAL DEN is an indoor cycling studio in Telluride. Wendy teaches one Class at Pedal Den: “Pedal]Pilates” with 40 minutes of spin and 20 minutes of Pilates Mat work- no experience required. Space is limited.



Pilates Balance Workshops are opportunities to bring Pilates into your daily life. Workshops will focus on fundamentals of Pilates such as breathing or key body parts such as hips or feet–one at a time. You will emerge with physical awareness that you can bring into your daily activities. Other workshops will take you outside into the landscape to focus your Pilates practice on the sports you love, with the idea of being powerful and agile at the same time. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, Pilatepiphany, so we can let you know when the workshops are taking place.



*See pricing above.
Suggestion of $110 for the price of one private session.

Give a gift of wellness; Pilates sessions are a wonderful way to support a friend or family members’ healthy lifestyle. 
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