“The mind, when housed in a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power” —Joseph Pilates

Pilates Telluride with Wendy


Wendy Borof is a certified Pilates instructor and owner of Pilates Balance. She graduated from Santa Cruz University, California and immediately moved to Telluride in 1993 where she found herself captivated by the beauty and outdoor activities including climbing, skiing and running. 

She discovered Pilates in 2008 became certified through Balanced Body in 2009 and opened Pilates Balance shortly thereafter. Wendy went on to expand her knowledge of Pilates with Cara Reeser at the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program in 2016. KGH Certification provides a deeper understanding of body mechanics. The experience instilled Wendy with a profound appreciation for the way in which the Pilates practice can heal the body and keep people active and fit for the rest of their lives. 

Wendy continues to study the details of functional movement with Cara Reeser and Jeremy Laverdure through their Movement Science Made Simple workshops.

“Some people come to me with physical challenges or injuries, others feel they need to cross train to improve their performance. The challenge is finding the perfect recipe of movement that balances each person’s strengths and weakness. Figuring out the nuances of an individual’s needs is what I find inspiring. And seeing them improve and gain confidence is my greatest reward.”

Pilates Telluride with Kim


Kim is a Pilates practitioner based in Ridgway and works at Pilates Balance two days a week. She has been empowering people to apply whole body movement through The Pilates Method for 17+ years. At one time Kim suffered from severe personal injuries and a debilitating illness but with the help of Pilates she reclaimed a joyful physical life that includes rock climbing, skiing and backpacking. Overcoming her own physical challenges has deepened her compassion and commitment to engaging resilience, courage and the thrill of discovery of what can be achieved through holistic awareness and movement.

Being sensitive to each person’s needs is the key. Client comments like “Kim’s enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement have provided me with the tools I need to be strong and flexible so I can live life without limitations” are deeply gratifying. 



"Because of my workouts with Wendy I have become so much more aware of my postural habits. I have had huge revelations about where I hold tightness and stress in my body find myself being more mindful no matter what I am doing each day.”

“I have struggled with chronic neck pain for years. Wendy consistently manages to work muscles without flaring up my pain! She is as kind as can be (while still kicking my butt) and an utter joy to be around. I leave every session excited to return for more.”

“Wendy has amazing insight. It is like she has x-ray vision into my body and my heart. She helps me embrace movement and and feel strong and healthy in my sports and my daily life."

“I always look forward to Wendy’s classes not only for the benefits of Pilates but for the enjoyment of being with her. She’s fun and knows her stuff.”